Genesee County Association of Fire Chief's

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The Genesee County Association of Fire Chief's 2017 Executive Board
Position Name Department
President Assistant Chief Kirk Todd Clio Area Fire Dept
Vice President Assistant Chief Kirk Wilkinson Burton City Fire Dept
Trustee Chief George Taylor Montrose Township Fire Dept
Trustee Chief Bob Burdette Grand Blanc Fire Dept
Past President Chief Ryan Volz Fenton Township Fire Dept
Association Departments
County Memorial Page
Executive Board
Fire Academy Banquet
Firefighters Memorial
Firefighter of the Year
Honor Guard
Installation of Officers
Life Members
Past Presidents
Training Committee
Committee Title: Appointment:
Secretary/Treasurer Chief Brent Cole
County Coordinators Chief Mike Vogt
Standards Committee Chief Mike Vogt
Radio Committee/911 Advisory Group Assist. Chief Skip Davis
Training Committee Chief Brent Cole
Legislative  Chief Marv Epperson
HAZ MAT Chief Ed Blight
EMS Chief Bob Cairnduff 
LEPC Assistant Chief Kirk Wilkinson
LPT Assistant Chief Skip Davis
MUSAR Battalion Chief Troy Brancheau
Firefighter Memorial Chief Ed Blight
Honor Guard Chief Ed Blight
MARET Dale Collins
DNR Earl Cole
Emergency Mgt. Dave Stamm
Red Cross Dick Beauchamp
Salvation Army Joe Edgerton

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